A Little Bit Of Whimsy

by Sonja Neven


A Little Bit Of Whimsy
Solo Encaustic Painting Exhibition
Blackboard Gallery
Calgary, AB, Canada

Artist Statement

It is my desire to create work that touches the viewer in a meaningful way: work that speaks without an explanation where the viewer can sense the timeless possibilities or directions without being able to completely and finally explain it.

Encaustic painting is an ancient art form, using beeswax mixed with resin for hardness and pigment for colour. The process of painting many layers results in artwork that has great depth and luminosity. Due to the nature of the materials, paintings are created spontaneously; like the focus of haiku poetry, beauty is found in the simplicity of a solitary moment.

The Secret Life Of Trees
encaustic mixed media collage, barn wood frame
20cm x 20cm x ?cm
Sometimes I think we could have all the answers if only trees could talk...
Ode To William Blake
encaustic mixed media collage, barn wood frame
15cm x 15cm x ?cm
The world's an island, but I will build a ladder and live on the moon...