Seedpod #3

by Sonja Neven


Inspired By
Group Exhibition
Zilberschmuck Gallery
Toronto, ON, Canada
Winner: Best In Hollowware

Artist Statement

"Beautiful things are valuable and useful precisely because they are beautiful".

This quote by John Ruskin is close to my own heart. For me the abundance of Canada's natural beauty has the ability to calm the mind and raise the spirit.

A big part of my work is about the investigation and manipulation of materials to focus on the beauty and rhythm of forms found in nature.My goal with the Seedpods is to create peaces that combine the simple beauty and function of nature with the timelessness of metal-smithing. Reminding us of the eternal continuity of the rhythms of the seasons and, with that, our own rituals and traditions.

Seedpod #3
sterling silver, garnet, rubber gasket
18cm x ?cm x 6cm