Scent Flask 1, 2, 3

by Sonja Neven


MAG's Biennial Exhibition
Metal Arts Guild Of Canada
Toronto, Calgary, Haliburton, Fredericton, Halifax, Saskatoon
ACAD Grad Exhibition
Group Exhibition
Alberta College Of Art & Design
Illingworth Kerr Gallery
Calgary, AB, Canada

Artist Statement

Despite our vast physical and cultural geographies Canadian visual artists are unified in the desire to create work that touches the viewer in a meaningful way. Craft goes beyond reflecting out troubled and frenetic world and offers an antidote to our mass produced, generic existence. It is firmly rooted in materiality and tradition and its focus on the making and forming processes.

As such it is closely linked to the body and nature and allows us to delight in the aesthetic. Most importantly it reaffirms the importance of the object in the making and recording of human society and is both a joy to the maker and user.

I have always preferred the old to the new. I find myself giving value to what and who has come before me when I view necessities fro times past that have been made obsolete by the incredible pace of modern technology.

Beautiful, ornate and elaborate objects fascinate me. They allow me a glimpse into a time, which may never have really existed, where family, heirlooms and rites of passage had meaning and where we could take the time to appreciate our lives, the simple pleasures of living in the moment.

The Scent Flask series is my comment on, and an antidote to our disposable and ready-made "catch you later" society. the pieces are an extravagant collection of functional objects intended to be a pleasure to possess and use.

Scent Flask 1
sterling silver, rhodonite
12cm x 4.5cm x 3cm (Base 10cm)
Scent Flask 2
sterling silver, hematite
?cm x ?cm x ?cm
Scent Flask 3
sterling silver, rose quartz
?cm x ?cm x ?cm