Plum Jasper 1, 2 & 3

by Sonja Neven


Group Exhibition
Influx Gallery
Calgary, AB, Canada

Artist Statement

My work has always been inspired by all that Mother Nature has to offer and incorporates her many gifts such as colourful gems and brilliant minerals.

In terms of colour, texture and shape Nature has a seemingly endless supply that is constantly popping up. In the spring it is the blossoms and new plant life. in summer the vivid greens of the flowers trees and grasses.

Fall shows us the fantastic colours of leaves and the different shapes and hues of the fruits and vegetables. Winter is the time of cold surprises such as the frost patterns on the windows and the sparkling glitter of a new snowfall.

Although we see these things every day it always seems that they pop up out of nowhere.

Plum Jasper 1
plum jasper, sterling silver, carved agate, garnet
?cm x ?cm x ?cm
Plum Jasper 2
plum jasper, sterling silver, labradorite
?cm x ?cm x ?cm
Plum Jasper 3
plum jasper, sterling silver, garnet
?cm x ?cm x ?cm