Personal Connections

by Sonja Neven


Calgary, AB, Canada

Artist Statement

As long as man has existed Amulets and Talismans have been used as tools and symbols of our desire to control our destiny.

For me the validity of the belief in magic is not important. The way I see it is that all it takes is for us to "Believe". Mind over matter coupled with our positive actions will guide the chosen lucky charm to do its work.

As a maker of jewellery and adornments I am often requested to use a particular gemstone to be used as an amulet. This body of work draws from ancient Cambodian ring designs from the 6th to 11th century, where the focus is on the gem.

I have chosen a number of powerful examples. Among them the Moonstone, used to attract and activate intuition is the stone of new beginnings radiating positive energy. In direct contrast the Black Onyx is thought to be strongly protective repelling and entrapping negative energy thus protecting the wearer.

Black Onyx
sterling silver, black onyx
?cm x ?cm x ?cm
sterling silver, moonstone
?cm x ?cm x ?cm