Have A Heart

by Sonja Neven


SNAG Annual Conference
Trunk Show Group Exhibition
Society Of North American Goldsmiths
Royal York Hotel
Toronto, ON, Canada

Artist Statement

"It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, for what is essential is hidden from the eyes." - Antoine De Saint Exupery, The Little Prince

The Heart is the most devoted part of our body both physically and spiritually. It is the first organ to function and the last. It supplies all other parts with life giving energy and is tuned to our minute-by-minute needs. It is also our guide. "Follow your heart", "Let your Heart decide" are phrases that are part of everyday life. We get "Heart Broken" or "Heart Sick" at times of emotional pain and speak of healing the Heart in the recovery. In short the Heart is Absolutely Devoted to every aspect of our lives. It is committed to our physical well-being and our spiritual existence.

For Me, this body of work signifies the importance of showing compassion toward others, lending a hand when necessary and trying to live our lives with more than just ourselves in mind.

Lavender Drusy Quartz
sterling silver, 14k gold, drusy quartz, tourmaline, lavender chalcedony
?cm x ?cm x ?cm
Blue Grey Drusy Quartz
sterling silver, 14k gold, drusy quartz
?cm x ?cm x ?cm